Beloved, Rest Secure

Jacob and his sons are long gone by Moses’ day. Their ancestors have supernaturally multiplied under the hardship of slavery in Egypt for 400 years.  They experienced the miraculous deliverance in the Passover and Exodus. They have endured the hardship of discipline of wandering in the wilderness for 40 years, watching their parents and grandparents die because they refused to trust God and enter the land when He called them to occupy it.  At the point of this blessing, these Benjamites (just over 45,600 men plus women and children according to Numbers 26) have a fearsome task before them. A task that their parents and grandparents had refused: take the promised land as your own.   As they stand facing this imposing moment, Moses boldly states this tribe can REST secure in Him because the covenant making, covenant keeping God, the self-existent God shields or covers him in protection all day long.  The very God who covenanted with infertile, aging Abraham and made him the father of a vast nation. would not fail to cover them in his protection in this new season.   

Who is the Shepherd?

Seeing this verse alone is very special but when you set it in the context of the brilliance of Isaiah 40, it becomes truly breathtaking!  Always better to dig for yourself, but here are a few points of the context that increase the wattage of this verse in our lives.

Challenging our Mental Soundtrack

The moment I read these ancient words as a young woman, they spoke deep into my life, probably because they were so different from the soundtrack playing in my head.  Work Hard!   Be smart!   Be thorough!  Do your best!  Figure it out!  You can do it! These formed the soundtrack on replay in my life, but these ancient words told me a different story. 


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